typo-finding: sequel

Within hours of publishing yesterday’s blog about finding typos, I found myself facing this sign: EXPIERNCED HELP WANTED.

Thought #1:  A chance for employment!

Thought #2:  I don’t believe it. I am haunted by typos!


Ouch! The sign was posted on the main door of the little neighborhood eating establishment. …The main door I was opening, in order to breakfast.

Did I mention that the eatery’s owner was a former student of mine? …Lest I didn’t: When he was in eighth grade, I taught him grammar/composition.

Correction. When he was in eighth grade, he was assigned to my grammar/comp class; apparently, I didn’t actual teach him–at least not how to spell “experienced” or to always proofread his writing.

Okay. Perhaps I’m being too hard on both of us.

So what if there is a typo in ALL CAPS facing the public who walk down the main street?  Is that a reflection on either one of us…

Perhaps he doesn’t know that spell check doesn’t pick up mistakes when dealing with all capital letters.

Whatever the reason…in any case, I can’t make this stuff up….

Not that I was surprised that I was confronted with yet another typo. Just that it happened so close after the posting, and involved a former student.

But I took heart. After having a nice breakfast, I went home, and began reading a professional journal. A professional teaching journal. And there in the first article I read was …yes!… a typo: “school improvment panel.” (Maybe one panel needs to improve spelling–or at least proofreading.)

Therefore, the moral of this posting is: Surrounded by so many typos, I am content to admit making so many of my own. Apparently, I am in good company!

How about you? Have you found any typos lately?

p.s. In case you are wondering if I said anything to my former student about the typo, I didn’t. However, I heard that every other teacher in the city who frequents his little cafe did. He has opted not to correct or to remove the sign. What do you think? Is there a little what-can-you-do-to-me-now pay-back enjoyment he’s having…Take that…what are you going to do now over my grammar mistakes? He’s got the upper hand; we have to eat the food we pay him to fix.


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4 Responses to typo-finding: sequel

  1. patwdoyle11 says:

    Apparently it’s called something like “the yellow beetle syndrome”. You buy a yellow VW beetle thinking it’s so unique and then proceed to see them everywhere. Apparently also true when you get pregnant (I wouldn’t know, never have) – as soon as you are, you see pregnant women everywhere. So now that you have heightened your awareness (and ours), you (and me and all your readers) will see typos everywhere. Not sure I should say thank you, or not! Now I need to triple check this note before I hit post…..


  2. There are never any typos in my posts until after I have posted them. Strange that 🙂

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    • bakrawiec says:

      It is an amazing phenomenon! I share your experience. Perhaps there is a name for it?…(I put my money on you to come up with something clever.) Always, thank you for reading/commenting!


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