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Guest post: 90-day look-back

Today I have the great grace of being a guest poster on Maddy’s amazing site. Please check out everything she offers, and if you will, please enjoy the beautiful way she has posted my 90-day look back on my retirement … Continue reading

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Promises to keep

Here, in celebration of Random Acts of Poetry Day today, is a poem by Robert Frost. You might be familiar with the last lines. (Now, in retirement, these ending words take on even greater meaning, I think!) Stopping by Woods … Continue reading

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Reach out w/a poem to soothe the grieving heart

This world can be a lonely place, it’s true. And while a poem will not put food in a hungry stomach or clothing on a cold back, it will warm and feed a desolate soul and heart. Tomorrow is Random … Continue reading

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once in a lifetime…missed

In honor of St. Francis of Assisi, whose feast day is Oct. 4th, many area churches are holding animal blessing services this weekend. Each year when that happens, I think about the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I missed while on assignment in … Continue reading

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no time for blogging today…

Sorry… Just an read amazing study…Need to race right to kitchen, empty cupboards and get dishwashing–before husband awakens and beats me to it…Why? Read for yourself! Happy suddzing! What research study benefits has retirement given you an opportunity to enjoy?

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lockdown drills etc.

Once again the unspeakable happened on an American college campus. As a former educator, don’t get me started on what I have seen and experienced with students’ mentally illnesses. (Pardon me if I’m rash judging the cause of yesterday’s brutal … Continue reading

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Today’s the day to celebrate our (older) age!

Today is the annual International Day of Older People.  Yes! Why not? Let us proudly claim our (older) age. How can we give positive witness to this stage of life? Please comment or Tweet your ideas to: @bakrawiec #RetiredLadyBoomerChat #BlendedAgingChat … Continue reading

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Ready? Tomorrow’s the big day!

Tomorrow is the annual International Day of Older People.  Let us claim our glorious age. How can we give positive witness to this stage of life? Please comment, or Tweet your ideas to: @bakrawiec #RetiredLadyBoomerChat #BlendedAgingChat Here’s my idea: Forget … Continue reading

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Fewer than 200 followers?

Continued request and reminder, please…. Having recently been honored to receive the “new blogger” Liebster Award, it is now my privilege and responsibility to nominate five to ten other bloggers for this distinction. In order to be eligible for the … Continue reading

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another Papal Mass…20 years earlier

Watching televised events of the current Holy Father’s trip to the United States triggered memories of the Papal Mass I was privileged to attend twenty years earlier, in 1995, celebrated in, what was then called, Giants Stadium. What struck me … Continue reading

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