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once in a lifetime…missed

In honor of St. Francis of Assisi, whose feast day is Oct. 4th, many area churches are holding animal blessing services this weekend. Each year when that happens, I think about the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity I missed while on assignment in … Continue reading

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Claiming w/Speaker Boehner a discernment blessing

As a woman of the Catholic faith, I have been greatly blessed by having been schooled in Jesuit spirituality. For six years, I was ministered to most powerfully by an amazing group of Jesuits during women’s retreats. Even more, for … Continue reading

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Labor Day Celebration–still in?

It’s my first Labor Day weekend since the big Retirement day, just four days ago, and I’m wondering…Am I still entitled to celebrate it?…Is the idea, once a worker, always a worker? Or it this day just for current workforce … Continue reading

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to rise & shine, or to sleep in & lazy around ?

Over the years, some retired folks I’ve known have flaunted the opportunity to sleep in and to lazy around throughout the day. Decidedly a morning person whose day (or at least the best part of it) feels done by 8:30—that … Continue reading

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Replaced…will (should???) anything remain?

Retirement is getting “realer” and “realer.” July 13th, the Board of Education accepted and approved my resignation as an elementary library media specialist for retirement purposes. Tonight, just about one month later, they are expected to approve the hiring of … Continue reading

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to drink or not to drink in public…

In a recent post, I alluded to occupational constraints regarding the personal use of social media, put in place in what has turned out to be my last teaching job. Reminds me that at the other end of my teaching … Continue reading

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something old; something new…not involving weddings

Of all the additional expenses I imagined I might have in retirement, here’s one I underestimated. Fortunately, on the one hand, it’s a relatively low cost item. And totally discretionary. On the other hand, the cumulative cost of how many … Continue reading

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