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Does form inform? …Informative! (I hope)

That’s it. It just happened again. I have no choice. I must say something. Every time I find a blog I want to follow, nine times out of ten, the blogger has chosen a design identical or very similar to … Continue reading

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morning after: lame duck librarian

Assuming that the Board appointed my replacement last night, I’m even more officially a lame duck librarian this morning. Meanwhile, until my work account ends on August 31st, I continue receiving email notifications concerning boxes upon boxes of new books … Continue reading

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Replaced…will (should???) anything remain?

Retirement is getting “realer” and “realer.” July 13th, the Board of Education accepted and approved my resignation as an elementary library media specialist for retirement purposes. Tonight, just about one month later, they are expected to approve the hiring of … Continue reading

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thanks for understanding

One of the interesting dynamics of being an elementary school librarian is the number of daily thank you’s received from students, with this clarification. Invariably at the end of each library session, as part of the lining-up departure protocol, classroom … Continue reading

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