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shall we dance?

“I’m dancing as fast as I can….” How many times I heard that polite delayed workflow explanation from my beloved editorial assistant, who amazed me with many of her long-learned tricks of the trade, including her policy of giving me … Continue reading

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what to do with the last paycheck?

Like some—but not all—workers, teachers are paid bimonthly, on both the 15th and last day of the month—but, typically, only during the school year. Most teachers need to fend for themselves during the summer when school is not in session. … Continue reading

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surprised by grief

When my father died, a close friend, whose mother and father had died–just two weeks apart, and about eight months before my father’s death—gently counseled me. “Be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions,” she said. “One minute you think … Continue reading

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to rise & shine, or to sleep in & lazy around ?

Over the years, some retired folks I’ve known have flaunted the opportunity to sleep in and to lazy around throughout the day. Decidedly a morning person whose day (or at least the best part of it) feels done by 8:30—that … Continue reading

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school bells about to ring, but not for me….

Here in the East, next week, they’re ringing bells for school, but not for me….I’m retiring! I surprised myself in the last post when I explained why I chose to celebrate my retirement on three days–instead of just one–spread over … Continue reading

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BIG plans for the BIG day–only: which day?

One of my new “Outer Circle” Twitter PLN friends counseled me to be sure to fully, properly celebrate the first day of my retirement. Be sure to plan something very special, she counseled. Don’t let the day pass without doing … Continue reading

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Circling with the bluebird of happiness

Last post, I considered the little, but mighty! blue Twitter bird in relation to the expression “A little birdie told me…” Because of a variety of joys that the Twitter bird has signaled for me (reconnecting with old friends, meeting … Continue reading

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A little birdie told me

Some folks consider themselves connoisseurs of the finer things in life, like fancy wines or jewels. Allergic to wines and really rather simple of taste, if I am a connoisseur of anything—it is of words. Not that I am a … Continue reading

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Thoughts of death—how much did I know? (Part 1)

Like it or not, impending retirement has set in motion for me thoughts of the final retirement from this life as we know it: death. Not that I haven’t already done considerable–willing and unwilling–dying along the way. “Dying to self” … Continue reading

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Thoughts of death—how much did I know? (Part 2)

Believing without a doubt in an afterlife, I look forward to knowing the answers to some elusive questions that have arisen in this life. Likewise, I have no doubt that I will get answers to questions I’ve never even thought … Continue reading

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