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“first day of no school” –one heart revels; another heart breaks

“first day of no school” How those words made me smile when I read them yesterday, mid-morning. They were messaged to me, thanks to Twitter, from a new Outer Circle friend, reflecting on her retirement. As was true for me, … Continue reading

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shall we dance?

“I’m dancing as fast as I can….” How many times I heard that polite delayed workflow explanation from my beloved editorial assistant, who amazed me with many of her long-learned tricks of the trade, including her policy of giving me … Continue reading

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a tale of two supervisors (real-ly!)

Once upon a time, a long time ago, at two different times and places, two department chairs came in, unannounced, one to an eighth grade social studies class, and the other, to an eighth grade language arts classes, both with … Continue reading

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game called on account of darkness

When our son started playing Little League baseball and International youth soccer many years ago, the neighborhood parks didn’t have artificial lights. And so it happened now and then that the games were called on account of darkness. I thought … Continue reading

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cleaning up my own messes

Having been privileged these last ten years to interact with a thousand or more children transitioning into their school years, I‘ve seen up-close what R. Fulghum observed. From social behavior (playing fairly, keeping one’s hands to oneself, etc.), to personal … Continue reading

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more Phoenix than Pigeon

When facing new challenges and insecurities, as in retirement, it’s good to think back to past victories over unlikely starts, don’t you think? My most unlikely start came when my thirty-something-year-old husband, and father of our eight- and eleven-year-olds, learned … Continue reading

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Retiree regret? (a.k.a. buyers’ remorse)

Here I am, down to about two weeks before retirement. Fourteen days, which are about all the notice that employees in other lines of work need to give employers before resigning. My employer required sixty days. Because I have not … Continue reading

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