fav season?

First question:

Quick! ….Favorite season?

(If you’re a Boomer, here’s a hint for your options: Princess on Howdy Doody show. Remember? …Princess….Summerfall Winterspring.)

Did you register your pick?

Okay. Next question:

In which month, and on which day of that month, were you born?

Keeping that month and day in mind, ready to translate?

Last question:

Given the month and day of the month on which you were born, in which season were you born?

Grande finale!

Direction. Compare first answer with last answer.

From what I remember reading once upon a time, most folks identify as their favorite season the season in which they were born.

Did that generalization hold for you?

It did for me! …And not because I “knew” it was “supposed” to.

No. Long before I ever read of that supposed correlation, I loved autumn most of all. I love seeing how a faraway tree landscape looks aflame and aglow–yellows, reds, oranges…For me, there’s not a more invigorating sight.

Long before I ever read of that supposed correlation, I had chosen autumn colors for our furniture upholstery, rugs, accents. I can’t get enough of those autumn earthen colors!

If I am an experiment of one, I proved the theory. Without knowing that autumn was supposed to be my favorite season, it was! Spring came in a close second, heralding new life the way it does. Yet, I felt--and continue to feel– most alive in the crisp autumn air, surrounded by all my favorite colors–everywhere.

When our children were small (translation: too young to refuse to go along), we took an annual “fall foliage” trip. In addition to oo-ing and ah-ing at the majestic colored leaves, so golden, so burnished red, orange, and even brown, we apple- and pumpkin-picked. Great fun!

Truth be told, as the children aged–as was true, also, of their father–the more the novelty of the annual event wore off, leaving me as a minority of one always enamored with our trip. Interesting, I am the only autumn baby in our nuclear family–assuming a December birthday five days before the winter solstice still qualifies as a winter-season birthday.

Fast forward to today. To hear the children and their father talk, there were no greater family bonding car trips than those “fall foliage” trips. How nostalgically are those trips remembered… I’m glad I didn’t cave-in on stopping those trips sooner than we did (when the kids were too old to force along–even with seats belts in place).

So it was that as of 4:21 A.M. EDT, September 23 (today!), once again I can revel in autumn. Yes! I was awake to greet the fall, and this fall, unlike all the preceding ones is totally unique. It is my first “retired” autumn. Therein is yet another reason to celebrate!

Whatever season you prefer, may you enjoy every minute of it…And whenever your birthday is, no matter what the season: God bless!

So….did your season preference “prove” or “disprove” the birthday correlation theory?


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2 Responses to fav season?

  1. patwdoyle11 says:

    Ahh, I disprove your theory. I am a summer baby…dogs days of summer in fact. Yet, I too love the fall. Neither my desired my color palette for my clothes (I look awful in any fall color) nor my house (love a more blue/green/beige beach-y color palette) is ever in the fall colors. Yet, I love the crisp autumn mornings, the flame-like trees against a deep blue sky full of white cotton ball clouds, the scent of woodsmoke on the evening air. Sorry – your theory is falling apart with n=2. But I am still enjoying this first full autumn day!


    • bakrawiec says:

      You are the one exception that proves the rule:)…(Not likely, right?) …If nothing else, the birthday/season correlation is an interesting hypothesis/conversation piece:) …Happy belated birthday! Many, many more! Hope you enjoyed a good day!

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