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Guest post: 90-day look-back

Today I have the great grace of being a guest poster on Maddy’s amazing site. Please check out everything she offers, and if you will, please enjoy the beautiful way she has posted my 90-day look back on my retirement … Continue reading

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“Siempre adelante! Keep moving forward!” said it first in a comment on Tuesday: “Don’t look back! There’s a whole, wide wonderful world outside the classroom for you to discover and contribute to. As a former teacher you have a lot of talents to share … Continue reading

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Sharpen those crayons & colored pencils

All the credit for inspiring this post goes to my “Outer Circle” friend Pat, who piqued my interest in learning about the Adult Coloring Book genre. (Who knew it existed? Not I. Now I do.) A quick check of Amazon … Continue reading

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Happy Grandparents Day–Part 1

Tomorrow is Grandparents Day– for some, a day to gratefully celebrate others (biological elders or not) who have “grandparented” them; for grateful others, to be the ones being celebrated as “grandparents.” Whichever category you are in, it is good to … Continue reading

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former commute start time–early or late?

Liberated from the daily commute, I now have time to indulge myself in looking back at my work life vis a vis my retirement life—e.g. time and energy gained – through the lens of what working folks without such time … Continue reading

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If “a penny saved is a penny earned,” how much is saved time worth?

One way I’ve gained time in Retirement is by eliminating (Yes!) my daily commute. How much time? Morning commute: about 30 minutes. Afternoon commute: 40 minutes. That’s 70 minutes per day/round trip; 350 minutes per week. That’s nearly 6 hours—almost … Continue reading

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Here’s to the start of the “er” years

Struck me yesterday on the first day of retirement. I’ve entered the “er” years. You know: sleep late(r), move slow(er), take long(er). Okay, so maybe the move slower and take longer are nothing to brag about… Ah! but consider, too, … Continue reading

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this is the day!

So much to think, to say, to feel…the long-awaited (and oftentimes dreaded) retirement day is here… Today, for however long it takes, I will sit quietly so that I can process and ponder, with gratitude, my work-life journey, pausing to … Continue reading

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shall we dance?

“I’m dancing as fast as I can….” How many times I heard that polite delayed workflow explanation from my beloved editorial assistant, who amazed me with many of her long-learned tricks of the trade, including her policy of giving me … Continue reading

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what to do with the last paycheck?

Like some—but not all—workers, teachers are paid bimonthly, on both the 15th and last day of the month—but, typically, only during the school year. Most teachers need to fend for themselves during the summer when school is not in session. … Continue reading

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