Here’s to the start of the “er” years

Struck me yesterday on the first day of retirement. I’ve entered the “er” years.

You know: sleep late(r), move slow(er), take long(er).

Okay, so maybe the move slower and take longer are nothing to brag about…

Ah! but consider, too, that in our retirement years we can be free(er) to work smart(er), fly high(er), dig deep(er), act wise(r).

That’s it…er… wait!…

Surely there are more, comparatively better aspects of retirement. In fact, I’d bet on it!

What other “er’s” might you add to the list?


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Grateful 2 God 4 His continued blessings. Honored 2 have DJT as our POTUS 2 #MAGA. #ProLife, US Constitution. Definitely #StandWithIsrael Pl. #Pray4DJT every day! Share prayers and memes at #Pray4DJT
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