Inaugural Firsts: 1st POTUS Inaugurated on Jan. 20th?

Know for sure? If not, please take a guess. Click each POTUS’ name to see if you’re right. Get an idea why each name does/not correctly answer the question. Good luck! Enjoy!

Please pray for a safe Inauguration for our 45th POTUS on January 20th. Thank you! God bless U/SA!


Who was the first POTUS inaugurated on Jan. 20th?
Franklin D. Roosevelt
YES! In his second term, the 32nd POTUS  became the first to be inaugurated on Jan. 20th.
George Washington
In his first term, the 1st POTUS was inaugurated on April 30; in his second term, he was inaugurated on March 4, which became the ordinary Inauguration Day until the 32nd POTUS’ second term.
Theodore Roosevelt
It was not Theodore Roosevelt (the 26th POTUS), but his cousin, the 32nd POTUS, Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was the first POTUS inaugurated on Jan. 20th.

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