no time for blogging today…

Sorry… Just an read amazing study…Need to race right to kitchen, empty cupboards and get dishwashing–before husband awakens and beats me to it…Why? Read for yourself!

Happy suddzing!

What research study benefits has retirement given you an opportunity to enjoy?


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Grateful 2 God 4 His continued blessings. Honored 2 have DJT as our POTUS 2 #MAGA. #ProLife, US Constitution. Definitely #StandWithIsrael Pl. #Pray4DJT every day! Share prayers and memes at #Pray4DJT
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4 Responses to no time for blogging today…

  1. patwdoyle11 says:

    This made me chuckle. I told hubby about it and he asked if it was my way of saying…. Go do the dishes. Hah! Seriously, this is another example of multi-sensory mindfullness. Something I struggle with. Being in the moment doing things and not multi-tasking. Writing is one thing I can get lost in. Beachcombing is another. We are at the beach now; will try some mindfulness with the sand & waves today!


    • bakrawiec says:

      What a blessing to “hear” from you! Was on my mind to email to see if you were still on vacation. Now I know! Enjoy!!! If I didn’t ask before–have you read Anne M. Lindbergh’s Gifts from the Sea? Bet you would love it!!!…Was asked by MAddyathome (Australian woman) to share “just retired” thoughts for a guest post on her site Asked her in an email if she might like a guest to share some good retirement reading recommendations (that would be you!). Haven’t heard back from her…If she’s interested, may I give her your site url? (If you two already follow each other–apologies. …) TAKE CARE! ENJOY! “see you soon,” I hope. Am going to do WordPress Poetry course next 2 weeks. You did one of their courses, right?…p.s. Tell your husband if he’s smart, he will INSIST on having the privilege and benefits of doing the dishes.:) God bless you. I must look into “multi-sensory mindfulness.” You introduce me to the best new terms. Sorry for my ignorance!

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  2. patwdoyle11 says:

    I am not sure if I follow Maddy…feel free to share url!
    I took wordpress blogging 101 class and really enjoyed it. I guess we will seeing poetry as your posts!
    My husband does the dishes more than 50% of the time already! I got me a good one!
    And multi-sensory mindfulness is just the term I use about using all your senses when being mindful. Not sure its an official term.
    We got rained out at the beach…mindfully saw big rain clouds coming in fast! We got halfway home before the sky opened up. We are only 2 blocks, but it came fast! Hubby won first hot shower!
    I am on mobile phone only at our cottage- no wifi. So not posting much …for another week.
    Take care!


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