Open response to GOP critics of Mr. Trump’s repudiation of Mr. Khan’s personal attacks

“Captain Humayun Khan was a hero to our country and we should honor all who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe. The real problem here are the radical Islamic terrorists who killed him, and the efforts of these radicals to enter our country to do us further harm. Given the state of the world today, we have to know everything about those looking to enter our country, and given the state of chaos in some of these countries, that is impossible. While I feel deeply for the loss of his son, Mr. Khan who has never met me, has no right to stand in front of millions of people and claim I have never read the Constitution, (which is false) and say many other inaccurate things. If I become President, I will make America safe again.”
Statement made by Mr. Trump, released Sat, July 30.

My  statement to you Honorable GOP Public Servants 

Condolences and respect for the service of his son notwithstanding, unlike you (if media is correctly positioning your Trump-repudiation statements), I do not hold that being a Gold Star father entitles Mr. Khan (whose reputed ties to Clinton Foundation, Lynch, and Muslim Brotherhood are being investigated/reported) to derogatorily question or discredit the legitimate sacrifices made on behalf of this country by hardworking, law-abiding everyday American citizens who have not been called upon to bury a loved one in Arlington.

Unlike others who have criticized Mr. Trump’s rebuttal, I found Mr. Khan’s attacks in that regard an attack on my sacrifices to America, too. Therefore, I support not only Mr. Trump’s “right” to defend himself, but I insist that he do so because Mr. Khan’s attack is an outrage to those of us who are making sacrifices—albeit other kinds—for our families, neighbors, and Nation.  Thank you for your sacrifices, which I view as honorable and legitimate, also.


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Grateful 2 God 4 His continued blessings. Honored 2 have DJT as our POTUS 2 #MAGA. #ProLife, US Constitution. Definitely #StandWithIsrael Pl. #Pray4DJT every day! Share prayers and memes at #Pray4DJT
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