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Ready? Tomorrow’s the big day!

Tomorrow is the annual International Day of Older People.  Let us claim our glorious age. How can we give positive witness to this stage of life? Please comment, or Tweet your ideas to: @bakrawiec #RetiredLadyBoomerChat #BlendedAgingChat Here’s my idea: Forget … Continue reading

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Fewer than 200 followers?

Continued request and reminder, please…. Having recently been honored to receive the “new blogger” Liebster Award, it is now my privilege and responsibility to nominate five to ten other bloggers for this distinction. In order to be eligible for the … Continue reading

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another Papal Mass…20 years earlier

Watching televised events of the current Holy Father’s trip to the United States triggered memories of the Papal Mass I was privileged to attend twenty years earlier, in 1995, celebrated in, what was then called, Giants Stadium. What struck me … Continue reading

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How blessed we are to have access to so many holy shrines in this country, especially in the Philadelphia area where the Holy Father spent the grande finale of his United States visit. (Dare I refer to it as a … Continue reading

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Pope’s gift from US

As much as I love the Litany of the Saints, sung during special Masses, such as Masses of Canonization and Priestly Ordination, I took special enjoyment and pride listening to the Litany during the Papal Mass in which Fr. Serra … Continue reading

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Claiming w/Speaker Boehner a discernment blessing

As a woman of the Catholic faith, I have been greatly blessed by having been schooled in Jesuit spirituality. For six years, I was ministered to most powerfully by an amazing group of Jesuits during women’s retreats. Even more, for … Continue reading

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“Siempre adelante! Keep moving forward!” said it first in a comment on Tuesday: “Don’t look back! There’s a whole, wide wonderful world outside the classroom for you to discover and contribute to. As a former teacher you have a lot of talents to share … Continue reading

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thank you, Mr. Berra

There was a time, during Yogi Berra’s tenure as catcher, that I was a Yankee fan-atic! I remember so many “philosophical” things Mr. Berra said during (and after) those years that made headlines–usually not so flatteringly reported in terms of … Continue reading

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fav season?

First question: Quick! ….Favorite season? (If you’re a Boomer, here’s a hint for your options: Princess on Howdy Doody show. Remember? …Princess….Summerfall Winterspring.) Did you register your pick? Okay. Next question: In which month, and on which day of that … Continue reading

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Thank you, Pat Doyle! You honor me….

Ms. Pat Doyle, who introduced herself via her commiseration-outreach comment in response to my Retiree regret? (a.k.a. buyers’ remorse) post this summer, has continued to reach out to me with affirmation and encouragement ever since. Having introduced me to the … Continue reading

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