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thank you, Mr. Berra

There was a time, during Yogi Berra’s tenure as catcher, that I was a Yankee fan-atic! I remember so many “philosophical” things Mr. Berra said during (and after) those years that made headlines–usually not so flatteringly reported in terms of … Continue reading

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fav season?

First question: Quick! ….Favorite season? (If you’re a Boomer, here’s a hint for your options: Princess on Howdy Doody show. Remember? …Princess….Summerfall Winterspring.) Did you register your pick? Okay. Next question: In which month, and on which day of that … Continue reading

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Thank you, Pat Doyle! You honor me….

Ms. Pat Doyle, who introduced herself via her commiseration-outreach comment in response to my Retiree regret? (a.k.a. buyers’ remorse) post this summer, has continued to reach out to me with affirmation and encouragement ever since. Having introduced me to the … Continue reading

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typo-finding: sequel

Within hours of publishing yesterday’s blog about finding typos, I found myself facing this sign: EXPIERNCED HELP WANTED. Thought #1:  A chance for employment! Thought #2:  I don’t believe it. I am haunted by typos! EXPIERNCED Ouch! The sign was … Continue reading

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Nineteen days into retirement, and I’m noticing that some skills required in my past careers don’t quit with retirement, which is a good thing! Skills like zeroing in on typos. That skill will be economically beneficial if/when I seek to … Continue reading

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Sharpen those crayons & colored pencils

All the credit for inspiring this post goes to my “Outer Circle” friend Pat, who piqued my interest in learning about the Adult Coloring Book genre. (Who knew it existed? Not I. Now I do.) A quick check of Amazon … Continue reading

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circling back to the future

While I was glumfully thinking how Tuesday, September 15th marked the first 15th of the month paycheck I didn’t get in ten years, other folks were thinking how to celebrate International Dot Day. (Admittedly, a lot more fun!) So while … Continue reading

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