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typo-finding: sequel

Within hours of publishing yesterday’s blog about finding typos, I found myself facing this sign: EXPIERNCED HELP WANTED. Thought #1:  A chance for employment! Thought #2:  I don’t believe it. I am haunted by typos! EXPIERNCED Ouch! The sign was … Continue reading

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Nineteen days into retirement, and I’m noticing that some skills required in my past careers don’t quit with retirement, which is a good thing! Skills like zeroing in on typos. That skill will be economically beneficial if/when I seek to … Continue reading

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Sharpen those crayons & colored pencils

All the credit for inspiring this post goes to my “Outer Circle” friend Pat, who piqued my interest in learning about the Adult Coloring Book genre. (Who knew it existed? Not I. Now I do.) A quick check of Amazon … Continue reading

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circling back to the future

While I was glumfully thinking how Tuesday, September 15th marked the first 15th of the month paycheck I didn’t get in ten years, other folks were thinking how to celebrate International Dot Day. (Admittedly, a lot more fun!) So while … Continue reading

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rising or setting sun

For a few months, representatives from the former original American colonies, now thirteen independent political entities, which had joined into a loose Confederation, met in a constitutional convention. The delegates, who represented twelve of the thirteen states, were having difficulty … Continue reading

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In or out: Older People’s Day

October 1st is the annual International Day of Older People. Hooray! (I think.) Let’s be sure to circle that date on our calendars. Right away. Today. (Yes! I know it’s only one day past mid-September, but now that we’re older, … Continue reading

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Windows shopping: Eureka! Retired-teacher memorabilia

Spent some time yesterday browsing online–Windows shopping, if you will. Enjoyed so much the variety of retirement memorabilia–not that I intended to buy myself anything. That’s the nice thing about browsing. You can enjoy nice things without adding to the … Continue reading

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Retirement lesson

Imagine! More than 1,950 years ago, Roman philosopher/politician Seneca shared a commentary on retirement. “Retirement without the love of letters is a living burial.” (As a newly retired teacher-librarian, I personally agree! …I can’t imagine retirement without being able to … Continue reading

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Happy Grandparents Day–Part 2

An only child and one of the original “latchkey kids,” I came home from primary school to an empty apartment, save for my sidekick dog and Kate Smith, whom I considered my surrogate grandmother. True, Kate Smith was present to … Continue reading

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Happy Grandparents Day–Part 1

Tomorrow is Grandparents Day– for some, a day to gratefully celebrate others (biological elders or not) who have “grandparented” them; for grateful others, to be the ones being celebrated as “grandparents.” Whichever category you are in, it is good to … Continue reading

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