In or out: Older People’s Day

October 1st is the annual International Day of Older People. Hooray! (I think.)

Let’s be sure to circle that date on our calendars. Right away. Today.

(Yes! I know it’s only one day past mid-September, but now that we’re older, we better not delay.)

Speaking of “older people”….

As the comparative form of the adjective “old,” “older” is relative.

Just who are these “Older People”?–Older than what? Older than whom?

Does one self-ascribe, self-define?

Now, if there is an age requirement, then, mathematically speaking, what is the qualifying age? Are we out or in?

Yes! Wait! Come to think of it, I take it back. Erase the circle on the calendar. Maybe we were too hasty. We better see if we qualify first….

Hold on a minute; I’ll research the minimum age requirement.

Might as well face the truth. Might as well find out if we qualify to put on dancing shoes on October 1st….

Okay. I’m back.

Before I tell you what I learned, would you like to guess the minimum age?

I’ll type it out as an equation in case you want to take a crack before the number smacks us in the face..

((5 + 2) x 3) – 1 (x 3) = the magic age for being one of the world’s “Older People”

So now we know. The World Health Organization, which sponsors the annual event, identifies sixty as the benchmark age.

Now, if you are like me and wonder why you’ve never heard of  the “International Day of Older People” until now, I have a suspicion. Although October 1st is purportedly an international event, it seems that the USA has its own annual event on August 21st –“National Senior Citizen Day,” it’s called, which sounds more PC, don’t you think?

Okay, maybe August 21, 2016 is the date we should circle on our calendars. I have the feeling we’ll have more company then. …Think of all the “Senior Citizen” discounts. I’m not sure being one of the “Older People” has the same ring, to say nothing of comparative attractive benefits.

“International Day of Older People” anyone?

(I’ll pass. Count me out, not in.)

What are your thoughts about “owning up” to an age-related celebration day?


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10 Responses to In or out: Older People’s Day

  1. Maddy1953 says:

    I’m all for any celebration!


    • bakrawiec says:

      You are amazing! Every time you respond so positively, so pithily, so wittily, I can’t help feeling uplifted. Your comments always leave me laughing. Thank you so much for continuing to read and comment. I appreciate your feedback so much! God bless you. …So, then, if you’re in, I’m in–a toast to us on the 1st!


  2. patwdoyle11 says:

    So besides one of my closest friends (of the same age) informing me that she is NOT a senior, I have come to the conclusion that the “age” of being a senior (an elder, an older woman) is all over the place! AARP says you are in at 50 – maybe they just want your money, but you can get the senior discounts with their card. One senior independent living facility near where I live is 55+, another 2 miles away is 62+, and I just learned of one about 20 miles away is 50+. Does being out in the country make you age faster? I was told to get a “senior” National Parks pass – nope, that is 62. Husband’s pension – 60. SS – depends when you were born and when you opt in. Medicare – 65. When I was working, unfortunately we had a number of programs for “older customers” that put older at 35+! Ack!

    But my favorite was an event that the “Senior Women of R&D” were doing (SWORD had a nice ring to it, even if it had other connotations). When it came time to confirm the transportation, the bus company wanted to confirm how many would be using walkers or wheelchairs. They immediately changed the group’s name to Experienced Women of R&D (eWord).


    • bakrawiec says:

      Yes! You are right…those requirements are all over the place..I’m especially smiling about the walkers or wheelchairs (though I wasn’t smiling at the time this happened). Went for a usual 3-month checkup & the receptionist asked me if I had a guardian…True, impending retirement was making me feel fragile and vulnerable, but a guardian??? Really…,I came home indignant and shaken, with the emphasis on shaken. Fortunately, my husband and my daughter assured me that I did not yet need a guardian…They promised to break the news gently to me when I do!

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  4. Thanks for keeping me up to speed with the equation. I think😕


    • bakrawiec says:

      Thanks so much for taking time to read and share your comment! One of our blogger friends is planning a virtual party for those of us for whom the equation fits. Didn’t think it was a party I wanted to admit being invited to, but what the hay. She might do some kind of Google chatroom event; I had to sign up for Google first. Did that yesterday, so I guess I’m admitting myself. God bless you. Will let you know if her plans materialize!


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