thank you, Mr. Berra

There was a time, during Yogi Berra’s tenure as catcher, that I was a Yankee fan-atic!

I remember so many “philosophical” things Mr. Berra said during (and after) those years that made headlines–usually not so flatteringly reported in terms of a weakness or lack in his linguistic or intellectual prowess.

After learning of his death yesterday, I sought to revisit those “interesting” statements of his, now called Yogi-isms.

Surprisingly, the supposed illogical statements of his (which I also saw as illogical back then) seemed more logical when I reread them today. (Hmm…subject for another post, perhaps.)

Of all the Yogi-isms that frequently have come to mind over these many years is this one, which he expressed, in person, to those in attendance at an event that honored him:

“I just want to thank everyone who made this day necessary.”

Superior-thinking pundits explained that statement away, stating that, of course, Mr. Berra had mistakenly substituted “necessary” for “possible.”

Not privy to what was Mr. Berra’s intention, I only can be grateful that he said what he said the way he said it.

“I just want to thank everyone who made this day necessary.”

On many occasions, with “necessary” in place, exactly where Mr. Berra put it, that quote has given me pause. Most of those occasions arose in connection with someone’s kindness–kindness that made necessary, not a day, but some reciprocity, including, but not limited to, a thank-you note.

…Actually, Mr. Berra’s quote gave me pause most recently again this past week-end, when the Liebster Award kindness shown me by fellow blogger Pat Doyle made necessary a number of follow-up steps, outlined in her blog.

In connection with kindnesses shown, one of the things that Mr. Berra’s “necessary” quote reminds me of is this. It is necessary to be gracious in accepting, as well as in reciprocating. If you’ve ever tried to give a gift that has been refused, or awkwardly accepted, you know how appreciated it is when someone graciously allows you to give.

(It’s often much easier and more comfortable to be the giver, rather than the recipient, don’t you think?)

Of all the gracious thank-you notes that I received and have used as a model for delicate “necessary” situations, this one is my favorite: “Your [gift], while most unexpected and extravagant, as well as truly unnecessary, is also very much appreciated. Thank you.”

Thank you, Mr. Berra, not only for the pride and joy in Yankee baseball that your athletic prowess generated in me, but also–maybe more importantly--for your unique ability to choose and to arrange words in ways that have given me pause.

“I just want to thank everyone who made this day necessary.”

In particular, thank you for heightening my receptiveness toward the necessity of responding with sensitivity to persons and events that are socially “necessary.”

Mr. Berra, you made this day necessary. Thank you. Forever, may you rest in peace.

If you are familiar with any of Mr. Berra’s “Yogi-isms,” which is your favorite? …Despite its surface-level, apparent mistaken or misspoken foolishness, how has it wisely gifted you?


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