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Thank you, Pat Doyle! You honor me….

Ms. Pat Doyle, who introduced herself via her commiseration-outreach comment in response to my Retiree regret? (a.k.a. buyers’ remorse) post this summer, has continued to reach out to me with affirmation and encouragement ever since. Having introduced me to the … Continue reading

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typo-finding: sequel

Within hours of publishing yesterday’s blog about finding typos, I found myself facing this sign: EXPIERNCED HELP WANTED. Thought #1:  A chance for employment! Thought #2:  I don’t believe it. I am haunted by typos! EXPIERNCED Ouch! The sign was … Continue reading

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Windows shopping: Eureka! Retired-teacher memorabilia

Spent some time yesterday browsing online–Windows shopping, if you will. Enjoyed so much the variety of retirement memorabilia–not that I intended to buy myself anything. That’s the nice thing about browsing. You can enjoy nice things without adding to the … Continue reading

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surprised by grief

When my father died, a close friend, whose mother and father had died–just two weeks apart, and about eight months before my father’s death—gently counseled me. “Be prepared for a roller coaster of emotions,” she said. “One minute you think … Continue reading

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school bells about to ring, but not for me….

Here in the East, next week, they’re ringing bells for school, but not for me….I’m retiring! I surprised myself in the last post when I explained why I chose to celebrate my retirement on three days–instead of just one–spread over … Continue reading

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BIG plans for the BIG day–only: which day?

One of my new “Outer Circle” Twitter PLN friends counseled me to be sure to fully, properly celebrate the first day of my retirement. Be sure to plan something very special, she counseled. Don’t let the day pass without doing … Continue reading

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What have I done to myself? Retro Q & A revisited

Referring to my marketing experience in a recent post got me remembering. The work-life-identity-question I asked myself on June 30 when I submitted my resignation-for-retirement purposes letter: What have I done to myself? …That wasn’t the first time I posed … Continue reading

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a tale of two supervisors (real-ly!)

Once upon a time, a long time ago, at two different times and places, two department chairs came in, unannounced, one to an eighth grade social studies class, and the other, to an eighth grade language arts classes, both with … Continue reading

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50 unused sick days: why I left them

Piggybacking on the last post: Yes! Despite my financial advisor’s advice to the contrary, I left fifty unused sick days on the table, in part, for all the reasons explained previously. However, if I’m honest with myself, there was yet … Continue reading

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morning after: lame duck librarian

Assuming that the Board appointed my replacement last night, I’m even more officially a lame duck librarian this morning. Meanwhile, until my work account ends on August 31st, I continue receiving email notifications concerning boxes upon boxes of new books … Continue reading

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