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lockdown drills etc.

Once again the unspeakable happened on an American college campus. As a former educator, don’t get me started on what I have seen and experienced with students’ mentally illnesses. (Pardon me if I’m rash judging the cause of yesterday’s brutal … Continue reading

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typo-finding: sequel

Within hours of publishing yesterday’s blog about finding typos, I found myself facing this sign: EXPIERNCED HELP WANTED. Thought #1:  A chance for employment! Thought #2:  I don’t believe it. I am haunted by typos! EXPIERNCED Ouch! The sign was … Continue reading

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BIG plans for the BIG day–only: which day?

One of my new “Outer Circle” Twitter PLN friends counseled me to be sure to fully, properly celebrate the first day of my retirement. Be sure to plan something very special, she counseled. Don’t let the day pass without doing … Continue reading

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50 unused sick days: why I left them

Piggybacking on the last post: Yes! Despite my financial advisor’s advice to the contrary, I left fifty unused sick days on the table, in part, for all the reasons explained previously. However, if I’m honest with myself, there was yet … Continue reading

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unfortunately…forced into leaving teaching

In an earlier post, I compared “social media” constraints at the end of my teaching career with “social” (public drinking) constraints at its start. In that post, I wondered if the anti-public drinking constraint was aimed particularly at women. …Would … Continue reading

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Part 2: Family Library–Gratifying Work in Progress

In general, here’s how our Family Library worked. Usually after school (rather than before), when there was more browsing time, parents or grandparents would come to the library with (though sometimes without) their children. I would create a family account … Continue reading

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something old; something new…not involving weddings

Of all the additional expenses I imagined I might have in retirement, here’s one I underestimated. Fortunately, on the one hand, it’s a relatively low cost item. And totally discretionary. On the other hand, the cumulative cost of how many … Continue reading

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