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Okay. I admit I’m not necessarily up on all the latest PC terminology. Please help me. Last I knew, my husband and I were “Dink-ers” (Double income, no kids). As of September 1, the “nk” still fits, but the “Di,” … Continue reading

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Gratifyingly: no escape

It was the first day of my retirement, and there I was in a religious goods shop, drawn to the book section. Because the section was, in part, behind the counter, I asked permission to peruse there. The clerk apologized … Continue reading

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Labor Day Celebration–still in?

It’s my first Labor Day weekend since the big Retirement day, just four days ago, and I’m wondering…Am I still entitled to celebrate it?…Is the idea, once a worker, always a worker? Or it this day just for current workforce … Continue reading

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shall we dance?

“I’m dancing as fast as I can….” How many times I heard that polite delayed workflow explanation from my beloved editorial assistant, who amazed me with many of her long-learned tricks of the trade, including her policy of giving me … Continue reading

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what to do with the last paycheck?

Like some—but not all—workers, teachers are paid bimonthly, on both the 15th and last day of the month—but, typically, only during the school year. Most teachers need to fend for themselves during the summer when school is not in session. … Continue reading

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to rise & shine, or to sleep in & lazy around ?

Over the years, some retired folks I’ve known have flaunted the opportunity to sleep in and to lazy around throughout the day. Decidedly a morning person whose day (or at least the best part of it) feels done by 8:30—that … Continue reading

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school bells about to ring, but not for me….

Here in the East, next week, they’re ringing bells for school, but not for me….I’m retiring! I surprised myself in the last post when I explained why I chose to celebrate my retirement on three days–instead of just one–spread over … Continue reading

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What have I done to myself? Retro Q & A revisited

Referring to my marketing experience in a recent post got me remembering. The work-life-identity-question I asked myself on June 30 when I submitted my resignation-for-retirement purposes letter: What have I done to myself? …That wasn’t the first time I posed … Continue reading

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game called on account of darkness

When our son started playing Little League baseball and International youth soccer many years ago, the neighborhood parks didn’t have artificial lights. And so it happened now and then that the games were called on account of darkness. I thought … Continue reading

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Retiree regret? (a.k.a. buyers’ remorse)

Here I am, down to about two weeks before retirement. Fourteen days, which are about all the notice that employees in other lines of work need to give employers before resigning. My employer required sixty days. Because I have not … Continue reading

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