former commute start time–early or late?

Liberated from the daily commute, I now have time to indulge myself in looking back at my work life vis a vis my retirement life—e.g. time and energy gained – through the lens of what working folks without such time might consider trivial statistics.

So, using the same US Census Bureau statistical table referred to in the last post, I satisfied my curiosity about my comparative leave-the-house-to-start-the-commute time.

Although I awakened before 5 a.m., when 4.3% of commuting fellow Americans over sixteen years of age had already hit the road on foot or by bike, train, bus, car, van, motorcycle, truck, or taxi for their daily commutation ritual, I was among the 8.7% of commuters who left their homes between 6 am. to 6:29. (Snowy weather excepted.)

Interestingly, about three-fourths of those 133,740,254 Americans who commuted to work left their homes between 5 a.m. and 8:59 a.m.

Among those who traveled between the rather amorphous 9 a.m. -11:59 p.m. time, I suppose, are night-shift workers—how many I do not know.

I would have made a terrible night worker, so much of a day person am I. But, thankfully, there are those individuals who prefer or sacrifice/acclimate themselves to working at night when others are home, after a day’s work. Those workers make it possible for others to food shop, get medical attention, and so on, after a hard day’s (literal: day’s) work. Really: thank God for them!

 If you are curious how your start-commute from home time compares with that of other Americans, check out:  US Commuting Data

 Also, if you retired from a full-time day job and are now working part-time nights, how has that start-commute time transition worked for you?


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