Circling with the bluebird of happiness

Last post, I considered the little, but mighty! blue Twitter bird in relation to the expression “A little birdie told me…

Because of a variety of joys that the Twitter bird has signaled for me (reconnecting with old friends, meeting new ones, stretching my knowledge etc.), when I look at the blue bird logo, I see it as my “Little Bluebird of Happiness.”

Interestingly, when I researched the latest Twitter bird logo, I was edified to learn that the bird is comprised of three circles.

Why do I so resonate with the little blue bird’s being totally circular?

The idea that the Twitter bird, symbolic of the Twitter experience that brings us together, is made of circles strikes me as perfectly appropriate given what one of my closest PLN comrades explained. Individuals with common rite-of-passage needs and interests–in our case, related to our passage into retirement –form a tight-knit “outer circle” of affiliated friends–a friendship circle, albeit permeable, to enclose and embrace each other with mutual support.

In the case of our retirement PLN, previously total strangers just a short time ago, Twitter helped us “find” each other, and now helps us to bond into an outer friendship circle.

Truth be told: right now, it’s that “outer circle” (although “new acquaintances” in ordinary terms) that I’m leaning on more than the “inner circle.”  Gratefully, I’m finding it as indispensably instructive as it is reassuring to get “reality checks” from those PLN members who graciously share where they are and what they have learned at different points along the retirement journey.

As we learn more about the “outer circle” phenomenon and how we can best utilize Twitter to better educate and bond the members of our “outer circle,” we’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, my Little Bluebird of Happiness circles overhead, lassoing an outer circle of friends, sending and receiving Tweets. I’m on my way, and I’m not alone! That’s the best way I know to make my way into and through retirement.

What about you? What bird type does the Twitter bird remind you of?


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