good to go? I hope so!

No miracle of streaming video last night, so, here I am today, hoping to learn from our HR Department what I did not hear or see with my own ears and eyes last night: the acceptance of my resignation-for-retirement-purposes letter.

Assuming all went well and I am good to go, all there is to do now is to survive till Sept. 1st, and I will officially enter retirement. Hooray!

No doubt about it; I’ve been thinking a lot (more) about life and death since submitting that resignation-for-retirement-purposes letter.

Prior to this weekend, I was thinking it was probably a safe bet that I’d live to be officially retired, despite the fact that 33/240 high school classmates have already passed on.

Then came Saturday’s bombshell. One of the neighborhood “kids” I grew up with, went to elementary and high school with, learned to sleigh ride with, took the local bus each day to high school with, just died July 3rd.

Now I know how a female relative felt every time she “freaked out” (my words, not hers) when she learned another retired contemporary had died.

Truth be told, she admitted once that she feared no one would be left standing to attend her funeral. …Turns out she was almost right. When she died at ninety-five, only one—younger–contemporary of hers was there to cry.

Who is or isn’t at my funeral doesn’t bother me, per se. The idea that no one would be praying for my eternal rest: that bothers me..a lot!

Getting back to my classmate. Today would have been his and his wife’s forty-second wedding anniversary. Burying your husband the day before your anniversary—that has to be heart-wrenching. Today and every day, I hope she finds consolation and peace.

Tough stuff. Another wake-up call.

September 1st seems so close, and yet I’m not making any presumptions. Despite the seemingly good odds, I’m not placing any bets.

I’m cleaning out… big time. I’ve updated my will, too. …One day at a time. Today is Day 48 and counting till retirement. One way or not, I plan, as best I can, to be good to go.

How about you?


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