generativity self-check à la Erikson

In pursuit of psychology teaching certification, I was introduced to the idea of “generativity” from reading the work of noted psychologist Erik Erikson, whose generativity stage is contained within his theory of psychosocial development.

According to Erikson, one way of appraising one’s work life is through the eyes of “generativity,” asking oneself what one has passed along to future generations.

Retirement has given me pause for a generativity self-check.

With thanks to Erikson, then, I use his term for a backwards glance I have at retirement age: did I pass my knowledge, my insights, etc.: my “teaching craft” along to the next generation(s)—whether they become teachers or not?

Have I piqued students’ curiosity to learn?

At the “end” of the generativity self-exam, what I know for sure is that I do not know for sure, as subsequent posts will explore.

I can hope. I can assume. I can trust…that like the supervisor-mentor (previously posted about) who taught me to compliment, some of the good I have done will not be interned with my bones, either.

What does your generativity self-check reveal to you?


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