exit plan

Am still reflecting on my resignation having been Board “accepted and approved.”

First “a” word sounds welcoming and hospitable—could as well have been in response to my applying for the job, rather than resigning.

Second “a” word sounds like it could be a product endorsement—or the okay to my being hired—the second step in the employment process.

Wish “accepted and approved” had been a testimonial on my employment performance. You know: contributions gratefully accepted and approved.

Too much to ask for. I know…

As a “reduction in force” consultant once explained to us when we faced continued RIF’ings (and I’m paraphrasing): The company is not your father. It’s not here to take care of you. You work. You get paid. Don’t expect anything more.

Same is true in this case: I worked; I got paid. The privilege of serving and being paid for it is reward enough.

But the applicability of the phrase “accepted and approved” to both ends of the employment process–applying/being employed and resigning/being unemployed–reminds me of something a wise manager once counseled me:

If you’re thinking of leaving a job, you need an “exit plan.”

“What’s your exit plan?” he asked me.

My shrug and confused look prompted an elaboration.

“You had a plan to get the job, didn’t you?…You need a plan to leave the job.”

“Retirement planning” in the way of finances, I suppose, fits the manager’s advice. But only partly.

A relevant, workable “exit plan” needs to take into account more than that—don’t you think? We’re a total package—mind, heart, body, spirit.  There’s more to us than just our finances, agreed?

What’s your employment exit plan to retirement? It’s never to early–or too late–to get a workable plan!


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