accepted and approved

I admit it. I’m still mining the implications of those three little words “accepted and approved,” as in resignation/retirement letter signed, sealed, and delivered.

Since my resignation/retirement applies to education, I’ve been thinking about “accepted and approved” as it applies to teaching.

“accepted and approved”

If parents and guardians were asked to articulate what they hoped for from their children’s teachers, I suspect that “acceptance and approval” for their children might be high on their wish lists.

Acceptance. Admittedly, it’s easier for children—all children—to be and feel more accepted these days due to anti-harassment, intimidation, and bullying laws, which teachers are obligated to ensure and enforce.

Approval. This one is tougher. Students often act differently at home and at school. Parents and guardians sometimes have a difficult time believing (or, maybe, admitting) that their children exhibit unwanted, unacceptable behaviors.

Yes. Parents and guardians have the responsibility to protect their children. But protecting them from the truth or needed interventions, including disciplinary actions, is not a healthy protection.

Every child needs to be accepted and approved as unique individuals worthy of respect, no matter what their age, but their behavior needs to worthy of approval.

And, I’m thinking that no matter how old we are, the child in each of us needs and wants acceptance and approval, too.

“accepted and approved”

Whose/ what kind of acceptance and approval do you seek or need?


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